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Through consulting, advising, and overseeing his team of higher education professionals, Mr. Ferrara has provided the Robert Fiance Beauty Schools the support they need to receive NACCAS Accreditation ad Federal Title IV Financial Aid eligibility. His expertise in State and Federal compliance has allowed Robert Fiance Beauty Schools to grow to 5 campuses across the state of NJ, surpass institutional standard rates, maximize revenue, and garner a great experience for students.

In 2008, Paul Ferrara assisted in the planning and opening of Robert Fiance Makeup Academy, the first make-up only training school New Jersey. The academy has now grown to successfully graduate over 600 students, and remains the only academy in the state teaching  complete special effects makeup program. Mr. Ferrara's consulting services helped RFMA design and furnish a cosmetics retail store, makeup studio classrooms, and execute a successful business plan that merges cosmetic education and retail.

In 2007, Paul Ferrara Education Management aided Reignbow Beauty Academy and Hair Fashion Institute in executing their transfer of ownership, teach-out plans, and consulted on the successful transition as both schools were purchased by a new Institute. 

Reignbow Beauty Academy

Hair Fashion Institute

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